Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Members of the Republican Party's platform committee have adopted a platform that retains the party's long-standing pro-life position and supports President Bush on embryonic stem cell research. But, one abortion advocate says the committee prevented her from testifying.
Elizabeth Cavendish, interim president of NARAL, attended the Wednesday platform committee vote. She says she was denied the chance to present her views to the group.
"In a statement she had hoped to offer," NARAL says Cavendish would have challenged the Republican Party to speak more on pro-life issues at the convention and to bring the Human Life Amendment to the November ballot for a vote.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Pay 500 Rupees Now, Save 500,000 Rupees Later

Do me a favor. Take one liberal friend who likes abortion and tell them about this, and see if they still think abortion is good.

In parts of Arunachal Pradesh there are less than 800 females for every thousand males. On average, in India, there are 927 females for every thousand males. In urban areas, it's lower, close to 890. Why is this when the worldwide average is over 1000 females per male?

The answer is in the title of this post. In India, male babies are far more highly prized than female babies. 500,000 Rupees represents the amount of dowry a family might be expected to give to the husband when their daughter is ready to marry. The title of this article "Pay 500 Rupees Now, Save 500,000 Rupees Later" is from advertisements in India. 500 Rupees will buy an expecting mother an ultrasound, which can be used to determine the sex of the baby.

To get down to the point, when they discover that the fetus is female, they're going to abort her. If it's a male, they'll keep him. You might find this hard to believe, if you're not familiar with Indian culture, so I will provide some links to further information at the bottom of this article.

You don't even want to know what the ones who are too poor to afford the ultrasound and the abortion are doing. The Indian government has actually banned testing to determine the sex of the baby, but that ban has been about as successful as an abortion ban would be in the liberal countries. People are doing it anyway. I've seen reports claiming that over a million baby girls are killed each year, just because they're female. This statistics include babies aborted to babies killed by their parents after birth.

So, then, how does this relate to the abortion question in the USA and other western countries? I think that even hardened liberals will agree that aborting a baby because it is female is wrong. They may still believe that people in the USA should have the right to an abortion, but at least they can admit that what is happening in India is wrong. It is a step toward enlightenment. When someone realizes that killing a baby because you wanted a boy is wrong, it's not a far stretch to say that killing a baby for some other reason is wrong too.

A few resources on the topic


Sunday, August 01, 2004

A Refreshing Point of View

This is the first post. I created this blog to give me an outlet for expressing my point of view on numerous touchy subjects. These will often be the type of subjects that aren't easily discussed even among the closest of friends. I can't even discuss them much with my wife, she's too liberal. I hope you'll bear with me, through my lack of creativity, as I believe that everyone except the most unforgiving liberals will find something of value in what I have to say.